A healthy society needs a healthy economy. An economy like a living cultural landscape.

Full of facets and diversity. A wide variety of company sizes and forms.

Some highly specialised, some with an impressive range of activities.
Countless sectors exist with people who could not be more varied. Sometimes contradictory and always different.

Cobblestone path winds through grass, guiding eyes to cityscape backdrop. Tower punctuates skyline with intricate design. City silhouettes against sunset.
© Timo Wagner / Unsplash
Aerial view of a container yard with various colored containers arranged in rows, and vehicles moving between them.
© Ryan Searle / Unsplash

A healthy economy needs good framework conditions. Infrastructure and secure supply.

Freedom, but also justice.
Open markets, but also clear rules.

A climate that inspires innovation. Qualified employees and motivated trainees.

Enthusiastic and courageous company successors.

Person welding outdoors, sparks flying. Wearing protective gear, including dark helmet and gloves. Sky painted with orange and blue hues, dawn or dusk.
© Max LaRochelle / Unsplash
People seated in a row, likely attending an event or lecture. The focus is on the middle person holding a pen and an open, blank notebook on their lap.
© Sincerely Media / Unsplash

Research on family businesses provides interesting results on all of these topics. The diversity of opinions energises the discourse. It is important and urgent for family businesses. They are open to dialogue.

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